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AES-CH Joint Lecture



Invitation to an AES-CH Joint Lecture on


Dr. Alfonso Farina
Life Fellow IEEE
Distinguished Lecturer of the AESS

Date:   Thursday, April 14, 2016
Time:   17:15 – 18:15
Location:   ETH Zürich HG E 1.1  



We have the pleasure to inform you that the IEEE - CH Aerospace & Electronic Systems succeeded in arranging a joint lecture in Zurich of Dr. Alfonso FARINA. Dr. Farina received in 1973 the degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome. He was senior vice president and chief technolo- gy officer of the Selex ES. He is author of more than 600 peer-reviewed technical publications and of books and monographs published worldwide, some of them even translated into Russian and Chi- nese. He has also been the contributor to the article on ECCM, invited by Merrill Skolnik, in the sec- ond and third edition of the Radar Handbook (Chapter 9, 24 resp). He is Visiting Professor at UCLA, Dpt. of Electronics and Center for Tele InFrastructures (CTIF) Industry Advisory Chair and Distin- guished Lecturer of the IEEE AESS.

The lecture will develop along the topics beginning of RADAR, operational needs, side lobe blanking and cancellation techniques, adaptive antennas arrays, practical examples of adaptivity to ground based radar, Space Time Adaptive Processing (STAP) for airborne radar, KB (Knowledge-Based) STAP, STAP for OTH (Over-The-Horizon), passive coherent location ending with conclusions and the way ahead.


We look forward to your participation. Guests are welcome.

Luca Quiriconi
Vice Chair
AES IEEE Switzerland
Heinz Wipf
Chair AES
IEEE Switzerland        

Prof. Alain Geiger
Inst. Geodäsie & Photogrammetrie

Prof. Bertrand Merminod
Präsident ION-CH