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AES-CH Joint Lecture

Invitation to an AES-CH Joint Lecture on

Automatic Design of Navigation Systems  
A Dream or Near-term Future

Dr. Zeev Berman
Berman Consulting and Training Ltd.

Date:   June 25th 2015
Time:   17:15 – 18:15
Location:   ETH Zürich, Room HG D 1.1



We have the pleasure to announce that IEEE - CH Aerospace & Electronic Systems has succeeded in arranging a joint lecture in Zurich of Dr. Zeev Berman.

Dr. Berman graduated from the Technion in both electrical engineering and mathematics. His Ph.D. in electrical engineering is from the University of Maryland. He is an expert in navigation systems development from conceptual preliminary design to operational deployment and from test analyst to project manager.  He has published numerous papers on topics like integrating of inertial with other sensors. His company operates in Israel and provides consulting services in algorithm development, performance evaluation, sensor calibration, modeling, and systems engineering. 

Dr Berman will elaborate on a methodology to analyze, design, implement and test navigation systems, based on Kalman filters. This methodology is founded on an effective system-parameterization, analysis and design tool based on truth covariance analysis. The primary goal is to design and implement high-performance, high-quality navigation systems using an effective development scheme. Surprisingly, once the framework was formulated and applied, additional possibilities appeared. The first is an automated process for a reduced-order Kalman filter design. The second was the idea of self-designing systems. In such set-up, the customer gains the capability to modify the design for improved matching to his or her specific applications and requirements. The lecture addresses all phases of navigation system design: from model-based analysis and design to actual system implementation, testing and verification. All phases are described in an evolving development process:  supervison by human experts, automated design and the implementation of the self-designing system. 

We look forward to your participation. Guests are welcome. Refreshments will be served after the lecture.


Heinz Wipf, Chair AES
IEEE Switzerland        

Prof. Bertrand Merminod
Präsident ION-CH